My Hypnosis Style and Experience

My first experience with hypnosis was at 11 years old. I learned self-hypnosis to aid sleep and then two years later to manage physical pain or discomfort. Later, through my late teens and early 20's, I often utilized hypnosis recordings by Barrie Konakov and Dick Sutphen for the purposes of psychic and personal development. I attended countless meditation groups and seminars, yet especially clicked with the guided imagery meditation technique of Rev. Rick Jelusich, who became one of my most influential teachers in terms of altered states of consciousness.

I started leading my own meditation groups in 1994 at both metaphysical bookstores and private residences. Some topics of my guided meditations have included psychic development, peace of mind, psychic healing and protection, chakra balancing and emotional healing. Since then, I have provided guided imagery meditations for clients under the umbrella of my psychic services.

I became a Certified Hypnotist in January of 2012, through The American Alliance of Hypnotists. In my hypnotherapy training I learned more about how to apply the use of altered states of consciousness to overcome habits and to help achieve practical goals like weight loss or giving up smoking. The states of consciousness worked with in both meditation and hypnosis are the same, however the term hypnosis, as well as it's documented formulas, are more accepted in clinical settings.

I combine both guided imagery and direct suggestion techniques in hypnosis sessions with clients. I also use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hold a certification as an NLP Practitioner. We will start with a pre-talk session so that I can learn about you and what you are seeking to accomplish. After our pre-talk I will design a hypnosis ‘script’ around you in preparation for our first hypnosis appointment.  I factor a number of things into the scripts, including but not limited to your VAK disposition and belief systems.

The pre-talk is a one-time appointment prior to our first hypnosis session. Subsequent hypnosis sessions can be scheduled without a pre-talk. 

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