Hypnosis Information and Benefits

By Mystikka Jade

 Hypnosis is an ancient practice; there is evidence of forms of its use dating back to the early stages of civilization. The term ‘hypnosis’ however, didn’t enter into widespread use until the 1880’s. Then, in the 1950’s, hypnosis was accepted into the medical community for therapeutic use.

Hypnosis has been well-documented to assist with many issues that affect the body and mind. Stress has been scientifically linked to an astounding number of physical ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, obesity, headaches, depression and much more. When you learn, through hypnosis, to relax your body and mind, stress is greatly reduced. When stress is reduced, so is the source of a lot of other potential health issues.

Hypnosis has also been used successfully to assist patients with the pain, fear and discomfort of medical procedures, such as childbirth and dental procedures, for example. There has even been documented success in using hypnosis to manage the effects of ailments such as fibromyalgia and IBS.

Hypnosis can also aid in the recovery of addictions. An analysis of more than 600 studies reported that hypnosis was over three times more effective in quitting smoking than nicotine replacement methods were, and 15 times more effective than trying to quit on one’s own.

Hypnosis can be extremely productive in assisting with weight loss, and can improve confidence, concentration and learning; and it can help eliminate fears and phobias.

There are four states of consciousness that we experience. Full waking consciousness is referred to as beta. In beta, your brain is operating at 13-40 cycles per second. You are most consciously alert of the stimuli in the world around you when you are in beta.

The next level deep is the alpha state. In alpha, your brainwaves slow down to reach somewhere between 8 and 13 cycles per second. When you are in alpha, you’re actually two hundred times more prone to suggestion then you are when in full waking beta consciousness. Most people, while under hypnosis, spend the majority of the session in an alpha state.You’re also likely to experience alpha when you are daydreaming, or when you are totally engrossed in a television program. You are focused on the show you are watching, however you are still alert enough to respond to necessary interruptions.

The next level deep is called theta, which is what people usually experience in the threshold between waking and sleeping; right before falling asleep or right before waking up. In theta, the brainwaves slow down to about 4-7 cycles per second.

The deepest level of hypnosis is called delta, which is experienced during a deep sleep. In delta, the brainwaves slow to ½ - 4 cycles per second. If you fall asleep during hypnosis, this is okay, you are still in hypnosis. The reason why most people will wake up to a noise that requires their attention, such as a smoke alarm or a crying baby, even while in a deep sleep,  is because we can still hear while asleep. Your ears are still open and your mind is still taking in the sounds of your environment.  Your subconscious mind will be aware of the suggestions it receives during hypnosis whether you fall asleep during the session or not.

You may stay in alpha during hypnosis, or vacillate between states of consciousness. Just as it is perfectly fine if you fall asleep during the hypnosis session, you are also still in hypnosis if you are fully conscious of everything I am saying. So allow me to reiterate that it is perfectly okay if you are aware of everything I am saying during our sessions, because you are still in hypnosis.

No matter what state or states of consciousness you experience in hypnosis, you are always in control. If at any time you feel the need to end the hypnotic session, you have the power to pull yourself back into beta again. All you need to do is count from one to three, and you will be wide awake and fully alert.

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