Mystikka Jade - Bio

Mystikka Jade is a multi-sensory psychic and oracle creator who began her career at the age of 18 in 1993. Before advising on KEEN (2001-present), she was employed on 900 lines (The Kenny Kingston Psychic Hotline, Gary Spivey Psychic Network and The Jackie Stallone Psychic Circle 1994-1998). 

At metaphysical stores, she provided readings, taught classes and facilitated discussion groups on topics such as meditation and psychic development (Starbase, Starcrafts, Inner Journey, The Magick Bookstore 1994-98).

Divination skills include tarot and oracle cards, cleromancy, astrology, crystal readings and dream interpretation. 

She is certified as a Life Coach, Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner (American Alliance of Hypnotists / AUNLP 2011-2012). 

Mystikka was the creator and publisher of MetaCreative Magazine (2007-2010) and has written for other publications (San Diego Scene and Light News - 1994-97, Om Times and Bellespirit Magazine - 2011-12). She was the podcast host of MetaCreative Radio (2006-07). 

Through Citrine Metaphor, Mystikka produced two CDs worth of theatrical paranormal soundscapes (2016-2017) used in over 40 haunted attractions worldwide.

Other credits: The Love Crisis Survival Guide (2007), Theta Wave Oracle (2018), Ice Cream Oracle (2019), Wicked Egg Oracle (2020), Psychic Candy Oracle (2021)