Mystikka Jade - Bio

Mystikka Jade is an oracle deck creator and multi-sensory psychic coach. She began her career in 1993, providing readings and teaching classes at metaphysical stores such as Starbase, Starcrafts, Inner Journey, and The Magick Bookstore. Mystikka also worked with notable psychic networks, including The Kenny Kingston Psychic Hotline, Gary Spivey Psychic Network, and The Jackie Stallone Psychic Circle.

Mystikka's divination skills include tarot and oracle cards, cleromancy, astrology, crystal readings, and dream interpretation. She is also certified in life coaching, hypnosis, and NLP by the American Alliance of Hypnotists and AUNLP.

Mystikka has written for various publications, including San Diego Scene, Light News, Om Times, and Bellespirit Magazine. She was also the creator and publisher of MetaCreative Magazine and hosted MetaCreative Radio.

Additionally, Mystikka produced two CDs worth of theatrical paranormal soundscapes used in over 40 haunted attractions worldwide. Her latest creations include Wavelength Oracle, Ice Cream Oracle, Wicked Egg Oracle, and Psychic Candy Oracle.