About My Sessions

Everywhere in Many Forms by Mystikka
Since 1993, I have been professionally providing psychic readings and other metaphysical services.

I specialize in karmic relationship dynamics and uncovering solutions to interpersonal issues. I am direct, yet compassionate when relaying information.  To learn more about my professional experience and credentials, please see my BIO.

Keep reading to learn more about my tools and methods.


Clairsentience is an empathic psychic ability which allows me to pick up on feelings, personalities, intentions, fears, hopes as well as some thoughts and actions of not just my clients, but those who are connected to them in love, family or business relationships. My second strongest sense is clairaudience, followed by claircognizance.  My clairvoyance works by delivering metaphors rather than physical descriptions.

Tarot / Oracle Cards

Tarot and oracle decks are used with some clients to validate what I am intuiting or to pick up additional clues and perspective.


I read natal, synastry and solar return charts.  Please provide me with the birth data of both parties (date, month and year - exact time and location) preferably 24 hours prior to our appointment, if you would like me to read your charts.

Dream Interpretation 

Dream visuals contain different meanings for different people. Therefore my Dream Interpretations aren't based on standard definitions in a book. I take into consideration all of the fragments of a dream a client can recall  (symbols, visuals, feelings and other experiences) and how they fit together, when formulating an interpretation. *Disclaimer – I won’t remember your dreams for you, or see into them on my own. I will need you to tell me about your dream and then I can use my skills of interpretation for you.


I am Certified as a Life Coach, Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner. I have obtained tools to help my clients re-program the subconscious mind in order to support emotional healing, eliminate stress, break habits, overcome fears and accomplish other goals.

Energy Work

Energy work can help to clear blockages, promote psychic protection and emotional healing, or to assist with manifestation.
MANDATORY - Before scheduling a session with me, please read my list of DISCLAIMERS.  

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