Theta Wave Oracle

Theta Wave Oracle (TWO) is a limited edition, borderless, 50 card deck with rainbow reflective fronts. TWO was conceptualized by psychic and hypnotist Mystikka Jade, who wrote the companion booklet and created the digital art for the deck. Photography was done by Mystikka and Leona Graves.

Mystikka's inspiration for TWO was the theta state, which is reached in deep relaxation, such as: advanced meditation or hypnosis, on the verge of falling asleep or waking up, or during light sleep.

Theta is ideal for accessing the subconscious mind. Since psychic insight is received subconsciously before it becomes conscious, many intuitives experience precognition in the Theta brainwave frequency (4-7 cycles per second).

In the Theta Wave Oracle, Mysti chose to represent her version of the dreamy, “between worlds” theta state by combining elements of nature, modern industrialism, magick and vaporwave stylization.

The symbolism in Theta Wave Oracle is straightforward and relatable, allowing for naturally intuitive interpretations. Contemporary imagery presents a grounded perspective. Enhanced atmospheres echo the physical world’s connection with Universal Energy and Creative Intelligence. The overall theme reinforces that messages can be found anywhere by those who are open.

Read the companion booklet here