Cultural Creative Arts Editor for OM-Times Magazine

Many of you know that I ceased publication of MetaCreative Magazine as of Spring 2010, due to the desire to free up time and work on other projects, such as the promotion of my book.

I have now taken my experience as the publisher of MetaCreative and am applying it toward my new position as the official Cultural Creative Arts Editor for OM-Times Magazine. See:

I will be featuring various types of art related news items in the new Cultural Creative Arts Section of Om-Times, and I would LOVE your help in bringing the following to my attention:

* International Art Contests.

* Art opportunities that are free for the participant, and national or international in their reach. Mail art gallery showings are a good example of these types of opportunities.

* Free online art classes.

* First hand reports of big art events (for example, accounts of Burning Man experiences, or something similar).

* Art events that benefit charity.

Hope to hear from you. Feel free to contact at

Love and blessings,