My Interview with Sylvia Browne- reposted from the Spring 2009 issue of MetaCreative Magazine

Interview with Legendary Psychic and Best-Selling Author Sylvia Browne

Interview with Legendary Psychic and Best-Selling Author
Sylvia Browne

By: Mystikka Jade

Sylvia Browne is the #1 New York Times best-selling author and world-famous psychic medium who appeared on The Montel Williams Show for years and Larry King Live, as well as making countless other media and public appearances. With her down-to-earth personality and great sense of humor, Sylvia thrills audiences on her lecture tours and still has time to write numerous immensely popular books. She has a master’s degree in English literature and plans to write as long as she can hold a pen.

Sylvia is the president of the Sylvia Browne Corporation; and is the founder of her church, the Society of Novus Spiritus, located in Campbell, California.

Mystikka Jade: First, I wanted to ask you about one of your latest books, ‘Mystical Traveler.’ What exactly is a mystical traveler? What is the difference between that and a mission-life entity, which you also speak about in the book?

Sylvia Browne: Well, most of us are mission life entities. I mean, we come down here on a specific mission. There are certainly people that are more driven than others, who like to create something like Oprah has, or some bigger thing, like to work for animals.

But a mystical traveler is someone who gives up his or her will totally to God. In other words, you don’t have any free will choice anymore. So you decide to take on all the keys; the fortitude, the mercy, honesty, loyalty and gratitude. But there are a lot of pluses with that. You get psychic and healing ability, more levity, infused knowledge and greater intelligence. But you really have to take the oath.

I’ve talked to so many people before I wrote the book, and people would say to me, ‘There’s something more inside of me that I want to do to gain higher intelligence or higher spirituality.’ And that’s the person who is really a candidate for a mystical traveler.

Mystikka: Wow! It sounds to me like, when you’re describing a mystical traveler, that it’s someone who has no ego. Do you feel that a mystical traveler is someone who has eliminated the ego, or do they still struggle with it?

Sylvia: You know, all my life, I’ve heard this word ‘ego.’ And not because you asked me, but it makes me crazy. I am who I am. I am Sylvia. And, ‘ego’ taken from the Greek is ‘I am.’ If you know who you are, you’re happy with who you are, and you know you’re doing God’s work, you don’t have to worry about ego.

Mystikka: I guess where I am coming from when I use the word ‘ego’ is more to describe the side of ourselves that is based in fear or the dark side… So concerned with image that we often will overlook the greater picture of things…

Sylvia: Oh yeah but see, the more you get out with people the more you lose that. That’s too self- centered. It’s like, so many psychics are afraid to be wrong. And I say, well good Lord! Anyone who has any brain cells is going to be wrong.

I even said to John Edwards, ‘Don’t get caught up in your own press releases!’

Mystikka: (Laughs) Right! That’s a good one.

Sylvia: The bigger you are and the more you’re doing, the less time you have to think about yourself, or how you look, or what you’re doing or what you’re saying. I go out on stage and say ‘God, hit it!’ That’s all.

Mystikka: Or we have less time to be concerned about what other people are saying.

Sylvia: Who cares? Nobody’s winning a popularity contest here. Who in the hell is going to love everybody? Not everyone is going to love you, so who cares? I’ve been asked, ‘What do you do with skeptics?’ I said I don’t care about them. I don’t even think about them.

Mystikka: That’s good. I know you have a son (Chris) that does readings. I was wondering, do you feel that psychic healing or mystical abilities are hereditary?

Sylvia: I do believe that, there are over 300 years of us. Of course I had already done it, but a woman, God love her, in Seattle, actually did my genealogy and looked it up. My grandmother was (psychic), her mother was, her brother was, her mother’s mother was… God, we go back so many years. I am, my son is a wonderful psychic. My granddaughter is, so it seems like the beat goes on. Of course I believe it comes from God, but I do believe with all of my heart that we chose a genetic component part to this.

Mystikka: Right, and then it can just be fined tuned I’m sure, with your influence on your son and on your granddaughter.

Sylvia: Yes, my son, I can’t even believe this, is 42 now and he’s done Hay House Radio. And people are starting to call and say that he is just marvelous, and he really is marvelous. It certainly does not seem to diminish with age, it seems to get stronger the more you use it.

The fear of being wrong, you know… oh to hell with that. Just open up your mouth and say it.

Mystikka: Yes, well nobody is one hundred percent accurate anyway.

Sylvia: And wouldn’t it be scary if you were?

Mystikka: Mmm hmm!

Sylvia: People ask me, ‘Can you read my mind?’ And I say, ‘If you could do that, you’d probably be walking around smacking everybody!’

Mystikka: (Laughs) Yeah. And nobody else would have any privacy either.

Sylvia: No, there’s a privacy act. Even your spirit guide can’t get into your mind unless you give permission.

Mystikka:  And some clients don’t want to give you permission to get into their thoughts, or feelings, or into their lives. A lot of them will call with a closed mind and closed attitude and test you, and throw a lot of negativity at you.

Sylvia: I don’t put up with that though. I say, ‘This is over now.’ It takes so much energy to get through all that negativity.

Mystikka: To break down those walls…

Sylvia: Oh, no. I say, ‘You’ve got a full refund, see ya.’

Mystikka: Thank you, you’re awesome. We love you.

Sylvia: And I love you all.

About the interviewer: Mystikka Jade has been a professional empathic psychic since the age of 18 in 1993. She has taught classes and facilitated groups on subjects ranging from meditation to psychic development. She continues to provide her services to an international clientele while maintaining a 5 star feedback rating. Mystikka is also the author of ‘The Love Crisis Survival Guide’ and a freelance digital artist who sells her work online. She is the publisher of MetaCreative Magazine and  has interviewed a number of revolutionaries including but not limited to: Sylvia Browne, James Ray, Bibi McGill, Alexyss K. Tylor, Myka Jelina, Chris Crocker, Derek Humphry and Jack Herer.

This article was originally published in MetaCreative Magazine.