The Image of a Psychic

The Image of a Psychic
By Mystikka Jade

I have resisted blogging about my recent trials and tribulations because they have arrived in sequences and I haven’t felt as if I have really reached a time of rest between the hurdles. I usually prefer to write from a place of resolved understanding, where I can detail out lessons learned and put something out there that can perhaps inspire others who are going through similar difficulties.

An alternative would be to write while in the midst of the struggle, which if mishandled, could easily result in a list of complaints or pages of self indulgent venting. Because of my work as a psychic, I have often allowed myself to succumb to the feeling that I must promote the image of myself as a teacher at all times in my public life. Many people who consult with psychics for guidance do not want to see us as human beings with frailties who are sometimes grappling around in the dark trying to find answers like everyone else.

I can understand the pressure that spiritual teachers in the public eye face. Let’s take Deepak Chopra just for example. I have befriended him on social networks and have been impressed with the wise, intricate, thoughtful blogs he has posted. I am really not one to embrace the word ‘guru,’ (as it seems to encourage the idea of looking outside of oneself for an identity) however if I did, I would say he really embodies the guru / teacher archetype. Now, imagine if Deepak Chopra started posting status updates on myspace that said “I have food poisoning, my car broke down and my house was toilet papered today!”

Life on this earth plane is not all rainbows and roses for anyone. We all experience grief, loss, illness and inconvenience and when these things come in high doses in a short period of time they can really temporarily wear down a positive attitude. Although some have a higher tolerance for the cornucopia of aches and pains life can bring, I seriously doubt if Deepak or any spiritual teachers are immune to their effects. In fact (without naming names, of course) I have personally known metaphysical authors in the public eye who have sides to their personalities that would absolutely shock and horrify their following.

If Deepak decided to bypass ‘laying low’ during a bad day and started venting to his network of supporters, imagine what that would do to his public image? Some people would understand and empathize; however the ones who pedestalize him would be bewildered by the ‘great guru’s’ human side and would probably stop buying his books. They might even try to ‘fix’ him with their own unsolicited advice.

The spiritual side of me isn’t concerned with what people think of me or expect from me. However, the practical side of me who understands the people whom I counsel and the expectations that they hold, has been skeptical of making a decision that could compromise my reputation as an advisor just so that I can have the emotional release of writing an honest and very human blog.

Regardless, I have come to the conclusion that, as usual, balance is the key. We all need to discover our own solutions and it is not my responsibility to be a constant source of guidance, or to uphold any image based on others expectations of what a psychic or spiritual teacher should be. I am still not quite ready to write about the trials and tribulations I have been enduring, however I am ready to write on a personal level again and let people get to know me better if they wish to. I have so much to say, and now that I have put the magazine on hold (a project that consumed almost every minute of my free time since early 2007) I once again have the time to say it.