MetaCreative Magazine - Summer 2009

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This issue of MetaCreative Magazine has been produced, edited and designed by Mystikka Jade



Multimedia Design - By: Madeleine Juda
Mixed Media On Cardboard - By: Claudio Parentela
Polymer Clay Journals - By: Chris Kapono (Mandarin Moon)
Pixel Mandalas - By: Michael Arnold Mages
My Faux Cupcake Story - By: Jara of Creative Abubot
Divine Awakenings - By: Chris N. Varthalamis
The Art of Oh - By: Oh


Introduction To Creative Flowdreaming - By: Summer McStravick
Disclaimer: Not for the Faint of the Meta-Fizzly Heart - By: Danielle Egnew
Montgomery House; The Perfect Haunting A Film By Danielle Egnew
Variations of Shadow: An Excerpt from Shadow Magick Compendium - By: Raven Digitalis
Metaphysical Book Reviews - By: G.L. Giles
Astrological Happenings Quarterly - By: Suzi Dronzek


Catching Up With Bibi McGill - By: Mystikka Jade
An Interview With Jackie Beat - By: Mystikka Jade
Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days, A Discussion With Stuart Wilde - By: Mystikka Jade

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