Update 5/30/09

Hi! I haven't updated in awhile. I often resist blogging nowadays because, the way the internet has evolved over the years, it has become increasingly more difficult to separate ones 'public' life from ones personal life when they let their thoughts roam free online. At one time, blogging to me was a lot like journaling. I am no longer comfortable treating it as such.

As for personal news I don't mind sharing... I did move out of state in March. I have also been dealing with the setback of bronchitis the past 2 weeks, so I have a lot of work to catch up on both with my psychic clients as well as MetaCreative Magazine. The next month is going to be very full and busy!

As for 'public news,' I was interviewed by Dr. Jeanine Austin for her Simply Divine Solutions Newsletter about my work with MetaCreative Magazine. You can read the interview here:


Also, the tele-seminar that Cyndall and I did called 'A Panel Of Men' had quite a favorable response, so we will definitely be doing more tele-seminars dealing with relationships in the very near future. If you are interested in attending please feel free to subscribe to my updates on


By the way, I do most of my online socializing on facebook now. If you'd like to hook up with me there please find me under the name Mystikka Jade.

Thanks for reading!

Love and light,