Mystikka Interviews Lenora Claire

Lenora Claire is a true trail-blazer who is turning heads all over the world with her unique beauty and wide spectrum of creative talents and projects.

I discovered Lenora Claire a few years ago on a web show called ‘Ring My Bell (RuPaul was also a guest),’ where I saw her eating a glass light bulb! Right away, I knew I would always remember her. Since then I have seen her popping up all over the media, and as much as she’s accomplished, I’m sure it is only the beginning of much more to come from this diva-licious force of nature!

Mystikka: Lenora, you have explored and excelled in so many diverse creative mediums. You have curated art events in Los Angeles, including the critically acclaimed 'Golden Gals Gone Wild' show that featured erotic portraits of The Golden Girls. You are also a muse and model for well known artists and photographers such as Olivia De Berardinis, Glen Hanson and Austin Young. You're a 'Scream Queen' film actress, a writer, celebrity interviewer and a glass-eater. Do you plan to continue to 'do it all,' or would you like to narrow your focus to anything specific in the near future?

Lenora: Of course I plan to continue doing all of those things as they are my passion, but I would say my aspirations have me working towards doing more television and large scale art shows that will travel the world.

Mystikka: What new developments have 2009 brought to your career so far?

Lenora: I'll be appearing in seven books, and launching my largest art show so far with Olivia and several other legendary artists. I really can't say too much about it other than you are going to hear about it all over the media in late Spring.

Mystikka: You recently posed for the legendary pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis. What has it been like working with her?

Lenora: Absolutely amazing. I never would have imagined at 15 years old when I had her work plastered on my bedroom walls that I would model for her and develop such a nice friendship. I have an intense amount of respect for her as well as her husband Joel who runs all of her business matters. They are as creative and charming as they are kind. I'm especially excited to get the opportunity to work on this semi-secret art show with her as well. There is so much potential. I walk around with a constant grin.

Mystikka: Your work seems to be embraced especially in the gay community, and you have worked with a lot of openly gay or gay friendly artists. How did you begin to find yourself so closely knit with the LGTB culture?

Lenora: Well, I've always sort of gravitated to anyone who is open minded and artistic and without even realizing it one day I woke up and 90% of my friends just happened to be gay. The LGBT community has been so amazing and supportive of me. I worked as a writer for the oldest and largest LGBT publication in Los Angeles for four years, and have appeared on Sirius Out Q radio, as well as a regular on the Queer Edge the now defunct queer network. Oh and don't let me forget about World of Wonder who were kind enough to take a chance on me. I know Golden Gals Gone Wild wouldn't have been the success it was without all of their support.

Mystikka: I have noticed that The Golden Girls appeal to a large gay male audience, why do you think that is?

Lenora: Would I be cheating if I answered that it was because they have the best taste? People forget how progressive Golden Girls was for its time. Dorothy had a cross dressing brother, not to mention the fact that is was just about the first sitcom show to address HIV. Also, I'm not sure how many people are hip to it but Marc Cherry who created Desperate Housewives wrote many episodes of the Golden Girls and he is a big 'ol Mo.

Mystikka: Please tell us a little bit about World Of Wonder and your experience with them.

Lenora: Where do I begin? I was a fan of World of Wonder and their amazing films and television programs before I knew them socially. I would say James St. James was my first friend in the WOW world. I met James almost five years ago when he came to an art show I produced for my good friend Gidget Gein who recently passed away. Of course I had known all about James for years and absolutely LOVED his book Party Monster which was turned in to a film by World of Wonder. From there on I just kind of clicked with everyone at WOW. I can honestly say I haven't met a person there I didn't like. They're all fabulous and creative in their own ways and share a similar sensibility.

So anyway, World of Wonder owns this beautiful historic building right on the Hollywood Blvd walk of fame. I had wanted to do my erotic Golden Girls show (which I later named Golden Gals Gone Wild), and had an unpleasant experience with another gallery. I was desperate to find a new home for the show. The lower level of the WOW building had formerly been a retail space but through a very lucky series of events WOW took a chance on me and allowed the show to take place in their building. Over 2,000 people attended opening night. Media ranging from NPR to the National Enquirer covered it. Now it's by far the hippest gallery in LA. I love those guys.

Mystikka: I remember hearing an interview where you told the story of how you came up with the idea of Golden Gals Gone Wild. I enjoyed hearing about how you saw a topless painting of Bea Arthur on ebay, decided to buy it, and then got such a strong reaction from your friends, which led to the idea to put on the show. It’s always inspiring when someone has a great random idea and then follows it through successfully. Do you have any advice for other creative people who are looking to get inspired and manifest their own artistic goals?

Lenora: I suppose the best advice is that you have to follow your heart and not the trend. If something moves you enough to become an obsession run with it. People tend to ignore their gut when really the answers are right there in you.

Mystikka: You recently had dinner at The Playboy Mansion, any highlights of that adventure you care to share?

Lenora: Getting to feed the monkeys grapes with Olivia still puts a smile on my face.

Mystikka: What is your day to day life like, aside from all your creative endeavors and accomplishments?

Lenora: I'm really focused on my goals right now so I would say I spend a portion of the day obsessing over my tv project, a portion of the day working and obsessing on my upcoming art show with Olivia, several hours keeping up with everything on social networking sites like myspace and facebook, an unhealthy amount of time negotiating on the phone, and quality time with my friends and dog Ellie.

Mystikka: Where can MetaCreative readers find you and your work online?

Lenora: Well I'm constantly creating content so the easy answer would be to google me, but I'm about to relaunch my official website
www. LenoraClaire. com

I can also be found on:

http://www. facebook. com/home. php#/profile. php?id=731212083&ref=profile
http://twitter. com/lenoraclaire

My writing appears in magazines like Frontiers, In, and AVN. I'm also doing a web series for WOW TV called doNUTS that should debut really soon. Have you ever been to a donut shop at 2am? Well, if you have you no doubt are aware they are filled with conspiracy theorists, paranoid schizophrenics, and other fun people. So my idea is to go to donut shops in the middle of the night and interview all the colorful characters who are there all hopped up on sugar and caffeine. So yeah, make sure to look for doNUTS coming soon on:
www. wowtv. tv

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