The MetaCreative Journey

The MetaCreative Journey
By: Mystikka Jade

My best friend Robert has always told me my life was like a circus, that I always have a ‘cast of characters’ around me. He has always found each of my friends to stand out in their own way, while remaining very different from each other.

Even in high school I never belonged to a clique. I befriended members of the drama club, the cheerleading squad, the gangs, etc. I never understood the mindset of Goths disliking hippies, straights not liking gays, Christians opposing Pagans, etc. No matter how unique we are or how many differences we have with others, we can always find common ground with anyone if we pay attention.

The MetaCreative journey honors both uniqueness and oneness by uncovering and discovering the essence of originality through artistic expansion, which comes as a result of tapping into the creative intelligence that ultimately connects us all. I believe that the creative intelligence is the energy at the source of all nature and true understanding. The exploration of this energy is just as metaphysical as it is artistic.

The content that MetaCreative Magazine showcases may challenge what some perceive as metaphysical. In the same way the mass public’s view of the world is shaped partially by things like reality television shows and the news, the western new age culture has its own popular preconditioned ideas and consensus viewpoints that are affected by films like ‘The Secret,’ or whatever books have hit the bestseller lists. The more successful a metaphysical author is in the mainstream market, the more the media celebrates those authors and the messages they are here to teach. And the more we see certain speakers being honored on the radio, on television or on well promoted lecture circuits, the more we accept societies definitions about metaphysical culture.

Lightworkers, new agers, metaphysicans, or whatever you want to call them, are no different than any other group of people who are seeking inner peace or spiritual answers. Leaders stand out among any group or religious affiliation, yet the majority of people are followers, ‘sheeple’ as I sometimes have heard them called. Many leaders have found benefits to being followers at one point in time in their lives, because sometimes when our own inner voice is not as clear as we wish it was, it is easier to look outside of ourselves and watch what other people we admire are doing. At that point, we follow along hoping to learn something, and then we arrive at a certain point in our journey where we have new ideas and potential directions beckoning at us.

If we have become emotionally attached to our groups and affiliations, it is common to suppress the urges that go outside of the comfort zone of our community. Many people around us will scoff at what they don’t understand, or place judgment upon us for exploring new options.

“Who does she think she is for not coming to our group/service/get togethers? She must think she is too good for us!”

“Did you see the new friends she’s been hanging out with? They all seem like a bunch of weirdos to me!”

The prior statements can be dressed up in many different eloquent ways so they don’t seem so base and critical. Regardless, many sheep don’t like it when one of their own starts to leave the flock. And because we live in a society where cliques are the norm and approval addictions are rampant, we often remain in the confines of a limiting group or situation and learn to ignore our own discontent, or cover it up with life’s activities and emotional distractions.

The MetaCreative Journey is the experience of going beyond all of societies conditioning and structures so that you may experience the richness, color, vibrancy and divinity of your souls unique expression. It’s about challenging the norm and being proud to raise your flag no matter what colors and patterns it shows. It’s about appreciating the diversity in the world and the different forms metaphysics and art can take. MetaCreative Magazine is simply a catalyst for the journey.

Mystikka Jade has been a professional empathic psychic since the age of 18 in 1993. She has taught classes and facilitated groups on subjects ranging from meditation to psychic development. She continues to provide her services to an international clientele while maintaining a 5 star feedback rating. Mystikka is also the author of ‘The Love Crisis Survival Guide’ and a freelance digital artist who sells her work online. She is the publisher of MetaCreative Magazine which has been growing stronger over the two years is has been running so far. To learn more, visit:

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