MetaCreative Magazine - Spring 2009

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South Asian Myths - Bhavasindhu dasa
Celebrity Vector Art - By: Dhioni
Awaken Visions - Daniel B. Holeman
Psychedelic Visionary Art - Luke Brown
Pagan Art - Lauren Curtis
Part Two - Wildraw
Photomanipulations - Julia Dresch
Latest in Spring Graphics – Wynot Designs / Pamela Kritner


On The Cover: Lenora Claire - By: Austin Young
Are You Emotionally Free? - By: Judith Orloff, M.D.
Debunking the Myth of the Guru - By: Julie Ann Storr
Exclusive Q and A with Lenora Claire - By: Mystikka Jade
Interview with Legendary Psychic and Author Sylvia Browne – By: Mystikka Jade
Metaphysical Book Reviews - By: G.L. Giles
Astrological Happenings Quarterly - By: Suzanne Dronzek
HEMEN HEMEN, The Most Remixed Song Of The World - By: Evrim Tuzun
Living In Maat - By: Imakhu
Healing Through Forgiveness - By: Dr. Matthew B. James
The MetaCreative Journey – By: Mystikka Jade


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