Hey Loves!

I've been through some challenges, and today I realized that I need to take charge of clearing away the negative and replacing it with something positive. When the going gets rough, I believe it's best to be a blessing to someone else. That may go against the ego, but it refreshes the spirit and empowers you... but this cannot be forced. The universe will provide an opportunity for you to be a blessing if you ask for it to. And then, we just go about our business as usual with a quiet mind and open heart and know the opportunity once it arrives. At that point, we do what we can and drop it. We do not seek praise, thanks, or gratification. We are humble, happy to be of purpose and service. Something shifts... and the energy around us cycles back to faith, peace and positive expectancy. At this point we can have a turn around... in our minds... and in our circumstances.

Life does get difficult, yet the hard times do not have to blind us to the deeper connections we make with others, the pearls of wisdom we attain, or the new paths that open once we went down a course that was temporarily uncomfortable.

We may break down in tears or want to, but we keep on going because the light in our souls knows there is a reason to move forward. There are hidden blessings everywhere that can get revealed at any time. We will have a turnaround and numerous blessings will be unlocked.

Love to all!

PS The Spring issue of MetaCreative Magazine comes out on 4/1