MetaCreative Magazine - Fall 2008

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IN THIS ISSUE (Fall - 2008)

Published by Mystikka (
Designed by Pamela Kritner (


Cover - Mystikka
The Light Within - Corbin Hollis Choate
Cosmic Art - Jan Landers
Nature Spirits – Aloramyst
Crucifixion Of Nature - Vanesa Martinelli
Interactive Art Sets - Scott Ashe
Collage Art – Peter Lewis
Cartoons By Cartwright – Steve Cartwright


A Conversation with Jinxi Boo - Mystikka


Miss Harmonica Sunbeam’s Chicken Run

Personal / Spiritual Development

Awakening from Suffering - Dr. Jeanine
The Shamanic Psycho Spiritual Process (Part 2) - Linda Star Wolf
Huna Prosperity: Flexibility with Thoughts - Dr. Matthew B. James
How To Stop Absorbing The Energy Of Others – Judith Orloff MD


Poems and Photos from Days and Nights in Summerville – G.L. Giles
Poetry and Art - J. Slattum

MetaCreative Magazine

News and Notes – Mystikka


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