Reclaiming Joy After Missed Opportunities

What you think of as 'missed opportunities' are simply opportunities to travel in a different direction.

If you got what you thought you wanted, you may not have wanted what you got once it became yours.

The only real success in life is happiness. When our peace of mind is contingent upon getting, we can never have enough to feel good for long. First, we want a bigger house or a better job. Then we want a maid to clean the house. Or, different coworkers, better hours, or better pay. Then we don't like the maid we get -- and so on and so forth. Happiness does not come from outside factors such as superficial success, worldly status or achieving materialistic gain.

When you can be happy regardless of external circumstances, you are successful. If you define success by what other people think of you, then you are not thinking for yourself. People pleasing and approval seeking leads to insecurity, no matter who you are, what you do, or how much of their approval you can muster up for the time being.

True happiness (the kind that isn't fleeting) and humble confidence (knowing your true value) are part of the same package.

"A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed." - Henrik Ibsen

Much of our value is demonstrated through our contribution to the the lives of others. Happiness can be regenerated when when acting upon the inner guidance to give something of meaning or value to another person - without expecting anything in return. When you give without thinking about 'getting a blessing' or 'creating good karma' and give ONLY for the OPPORTUNITY of BEING a blessing, you will become blessed beyond measure.