MetaCreative Radio FAQ

MetaCreative Radio FAQ

This FAQ is best referred to for any questions you may have.

What is MetaCreative Radio?

MetaCreative Radio is a podcast / internet radio show featuring indie music playlists of a variety of genres as well as interviews with revolutionary speakers.

Where can people listen to MetaCreative Radio?

Episodes can be heard on a number of websites and podcast directories, as well as on iTunes, yahoo or any website that accepts RSS feeds. The best way to find episodes or to subscribe is to visit

How can I subscribe to your show?

You can subscribe via iTunes, email, yahoo, RSS or myspace. Please visit

for subscription options.

How often do you post new episodes?

Since MetaCreative Radio is a hobby and volunteer effort, I only post episodes as time permits. Usually twice a month, although during busy months sometimes I will only post once a month.

How can I submit my music for possible inclusion on the show?

Please email mp3s to along with artist, track and web site link info and if your music is chosen you will be notified upon release of the playlist.

How can I get interviewed on your show?

I am currently not conducting interviews on a regular basis nor am I accepting interview requests.

What is MetaCreative Magazine?

Please see:

for information, the MetaCreative Magazine FAQ and free issues.

This FAQ will be updated as new questions come in.

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