MetaCreative Magazine Winter/New Year 2008 Issue

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MetaCreative Magazine is the Official Magazine of:

Mystikka – Concept/Production
Pamela Kritner - Layout/Design

- In This Issue -


Chris Varthalamis - Cover
Scrollsaw Art - Dave Danchuk
Orphic Art - Rachel Cox
Fantasy Art - Sue Miller
Abstract Art – Anastasia Pellerin
Lucid Play Publications – Tantra Bensko


New Years Resolutions – Your Opinions
Advice for Marketing Your Self-Published Book – G.L. Giles
Express Yourself – Cristin AKA Mystic Wonder


‘The Individuals’ Take Time 4 Hemp - Casper Leitch
Seattle band comes Out From Underneath for "Webcast" – Amy B. Taylor
The Mary Dream – Sometimes Girl


Christopher Michael Smith
Ryan Sise
zed mizar
Edward Namerdy aka Dharmacist

MetaCreative Magazine and Radio:

News and Notes – Mystikka

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