MetaCreative Magazine Submission FAQ


What is MetaCreative Magazine?

MetaCreative Magazine is a quarterly online magazine featuring 'metaphysically infused art and culture.'

Who runs the magazine?


Where can I obtain this magazine?

The current issue as well as back issues are available free on

Issues may also be downloaded through the MetaCreative Magazine myspace page, located at:

What kinds of people usually read and/or contribute to MetaCreative Magazine?

We are looking for artists and writers with heart, soul and a message. Anyone who is interested in discovering new art and articles of a creative and / or metaphysical nature is welcome.

We would also like to meet people who are interested in volunteering to help us promote and distribute the e-zine. Serious inquiries only, please!

If I volunteer to help with your magazine, what's in it for me?

You may advertise in the e-zine in exchange for your assistance. If you design a layout for a particular issue, you may use that issue in your design portfolio. You can also list your experience with MetaCreative Magazine on your professional resume.

What kind of contributions do you accept for the magazine?


We accept music reviews, press releases, and interviews of independent music artists who have been featured on MetaCreative Radio.

Please submit your music and mp3s through MetaCreative Radio:

Art and Photography:

MetaCreative Magazine also accepts jpegs of visionary, surreal, psychedelic, and abstract art. We accept black and white or otherwise artistic or digitally enhanced photography.

Articles and Short Stories:

Articles and short stories must be less than two pages long in single spaced times 12 font in MS Word.


We also accept letters to the magazine, as well as independent film, book, and movie reviews.

If you are not sure if your content fits the message and style of the e-zine, but you would like to contribute something anyway, just send your original content over to me per the instructions in this FAQ and I will look it over and consider it for publication.

What should I avoid sending you as a submission for the zine?

We are not currently accepting poetry (except for in special issues), nor do we accept flash or animated GIF based art (this may change very soon).

We are not accepting stories and/or articles that have no spiritual or conscious, redeeming message in them. We are not accepting unedited written material that has a number of misspellings or serious grammatical errors in it.

We are not accepting any material in which you did not create yourself or that you do not own the rights to distribute. We are NOT accepting content that is referred to us via a website or download, or content that we have to chase after in some other way.

ALL content MUST be submitted as per the instructions below:

What are your specific instructions for submitting my work?

Art and photography:

Please send jpeg images of your work to We will most likely resize your work to our own discretion, so you must be okay with that.

Include a short bio, photo if you wish, and link(s)to the website(s) you would like to promote with your material. We reserve the right to edit any written material for length or clarity.

Articles and other written material:

Send text or a doc file (ms word) to Include a short bio, photo if you wish, and link(s)to the website(s) you would like to promote with your material.

We reserve the right to include only what we choose to include in our publication. We also reserve the right to edit any written material for length or clarity.

What are the deadlines for submitting my work?

To be announced for 2008.

How can I stay informed as to what is going on with MetaCreative Magazine?

Please subscribe to our newsletter or myspace blog if you would like to stay informed of MetaCreative magazine news.

Newsletter Subscription url:

I will keep this FAQ continuously edited, updated and refined with more detailed information as new questions come in from all of you.

I've written to you but you have not responded. What gives?

I have a very busy schedule and sometimes I get overextended and backed up with the responsibilities I have chosen. There is no way I can answer every email that comes in. Please do not take it personally.

Before writing to me I ask that you read through this FAQ to make sure your question has not already been addressed here.

Supportive comments are always welcomed and very much appreciated.

Do you accept donations for your e-zine?

We are not currently accepting financial donations for the magazine at this time. We will however accept donations of your time and resources for expanding the coverage of the magazine.

How can I stay posted on what's going on with MetaCreative Radio, or how can I submit my music to MetaCreative Radio?

Please visit:

to listen to interviews and indie music on MetaCreative Radio.

Please also add MetaCreative Radio as a friend on myspace and subscribe to the blog at:

Thanks! If I forgot anything please feel free to let me know! Peace, love and thanks to all!