Mercury Retrograde - told my way - by Mystikka

Many of you know this stuff already, but for those who don't ... here is a little summary on Mercury Retrograde told my way.

Mercury Retrograde

by Mystikka Jade

If you have noticed any missed, delayed or confusing communication involving other parties over the past couple of weeks, welcome to the wondrous world of Mercury Retrograde!

During a Mercury Retrograde, external events in the outside world involving people, machinery, and goals trigger and test us. We find ourselves faced with old issues in both new and familiar forms. We are more compelled than usual to retreat inward in order to process uncompleted lessons.

Although it may feel as if we are being dropped toward the bottom of the ocean floor, the ground provides a panel to push off from so that we are able to advance forward with renewed resolve and more momentum than before. We become blessed with more certainty about what we want to offer to ourselves, and the world around us.

Because things do not transpire as planned, Mercury Retrograde teaches us to detach from expectations we may have in regard to the package in which our opportunities are ‘supposed to’ arrive in. Surviving a retrograde with our spirits in tact requires us to hold positive thoughts in the midst of these challenges. We do so by remaining open to the timing and unexpected mediums in which our blessings will play out. When we are fully receptive, we may receive these blessings in their full capacity.

People may react to us from their own disorganization, overwhelming stress and pressure, and other challenges in their own lives during a Mercury Retrograde. Their behavior may come across in ways that appear to be disrespectful or flaky. Because misunderstandings are so common at this time, it seems to be more important than usual to avoid making too many assumptions about the motivations or intentions of other people. Nothing that anyone does that affects us now is really as personal as it feels. If you must stop into The Pity Room for tea, read a good book about forgiveness while you are there. Soon, you will dust yourself off and move on to better things.

Mercury Retrograde ends on November 1st, although the effects will be felt until November 11th, when Mercury returns to its pre-retrograde station in Scorpio.

Love to all,

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