Fall issue of MetaCreative Magazine - Free for all

The Fall issue of MetaCreative Magazine has been released!

Concept / Production by: Mystikka
Cover Design by: Lucky Lulu
Layout and Design by: Pamela Kritner

This issue's contents:

Positive Creations - Chris Dyer
Mother and Daughter, Creative Force of Nature - Nina and Joslyn Lyons
Princess Of Shadows - Liliana Sanches
Metaphysics - James Clair Lewis
Conformity - Dr Jeanine
Wynot Design - Pamela Kritner
Lumonics - Lumonics
Rake Art - Jeremy Tucker
Pyrography Interview - Julia Surba
Indigo - A Childrens Story - Christine Jordan
Internet Romances - Mystikka
MetaCreative Magazine News and Notes - Mystikka

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MetaCreative Magazine - FALL - 2007

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