Leaving 'them' Behind

Hey Loves, I am back online! I am really glad that the mercury retrograde is over. I am telling you; those weeks of planetary backwardness were bringing another level of haywire to my life than I can remember experiencing in years. It seems everyone I know was going through breakdowns of communication, cars, air conditioners, appliances, computers and phones.

Despite delays and complications, the latest issue of MetaCreative Magazine has been released and I also got a couple of new podcasts up and running as well, including an interview with Derek Humphry (euthanasia expert) and a new indie music playlist episode. I have more MetaCreative Radio episodes in the works and am currently assembling September's issue of the magazine.

On a more personal front, as my life gets busier and my actions become more inspired, I realize I have less time and inclination to dabble in the things that I used to devote my energy and resources to in the past. Not everyone from my past understands this, a few of them are still doing the same things they did 5 –10 years ago and have strong opinions that I should be doing the same.

I remember listening to Joyce Meyer speak once about how before she had her hugely successful ministry, she worked with a particular church where she would teach bible studies. After church every Sunday, she would get together with a group of women from her congregation and they would go out for coffee and have gossip sessions about the preacher and other members of the church.

Joyce considered this group of people to be the crux of her social life, but she was becoming increasingly dissatisfied as she realized she was filling up her time, thoughts and energy with petty drama. As she began to withdraw from this group, the women in her social circle began to assume the worst of her and became resentful and angry. They began to do and say judgmental, catty things to make Joyce's position at the church uncomfortable. It was difficult to do, but she left that church, even though for over a lonely year following this decision she had no real spiritual direction about what to do next.

If Joyce had not walked in faith and left that church, and had instead continued to devote her energy toward fitting in with her old crowd, she would not have been able to be where she is today, affecting people's lives with the magnitude that she does.

Remember, change is inevitable and healthy. Don't allow other people to create guilt for you when it comes to your own evolution. This is the advice I am taking for myself today.