dealing with unreasonable people

In the past when I have had to deal with unreasonable people, I would allow my ego to get involved and caught up in a tit for tat game of trying to prove myself and my intentions to the person who was trying to engage me in a power struggle.

Sometimes I would get a temporary feeling of satisfaction when my words were cleverly strung together and I would ‘tell it like it is’ and leave them stammering. Even though I would win the battle, I would lose the war. I would lose because subconsciously my motivation was to win the other person’s approval or understanding, which left me dependant on their perceptions of me to validate my own self worth.

In actuality I knew better. I would tell my clients that peace of mind was always more important than being ‘right.’ I have also always appreciated receiving constructive criticism when delivered in a truly loving and helpful way. But every so often, someone would come around and attack me with twisted assumptions about my character or intentions. When this would happen, I just could not seem to resist giving the verbal abuser a piece of my mind in an attempt to straighten them out or even the score, no matter what the cost.

I believe that there is always a time to stand up for our truth. If we are able to speak our minds in a way that honors our integrity and spirit, growth for everyone involved can take place.

But every now and then we will find ourselves confronted with violent opposition from an unreceptive person who seems to be intent on breaking us down or contributing to our failure and demise. As we evolve spiritually, these people will come into our path to test our ability to respond in a way that embraces the values of spiritual love and an adherence to the principles we have been learning about and implementing into our path.

Having an intellectual understanding of spiritual principles does not equate to directly applying those tools. In order to live what we know, we must first digest and internalize our lessons and wisdom. In order to gain said lessons and refine our skills, there are times when we must move through obstacles. These tests are not here to punish us, despite the unpleasant feelings they often stir within us. Rather, they are here to help us strengthen our ability to transcend difficulty so that we may become stronger and more affirmed in our purpose and convictions.