MetaCreative Magazine in Print?

Hello! To those of you who like to stay updated through my blog… I’ve been insanely busy as things have been moving along quickly over here. Thanks for hanging in there with me despite the lack of entries.

I have been exploring the possibility of getting MetaCreative Magazine printed and distributed in recycled paper format. The first issue of the online PDF received so many hits it crashed my website and I had to increase my bandwidth. I love getting all the positive feedback that is still pouring in from those of you who are reading it. It’s exciting to see a project gain momentum.

I have a lot to sort out on the business end of things before I can get a solid timeframe for release of the print edition. If anyone reading this has experience launching a magazine and feels gracious enough to advise me on the business side of things, I am interested in hearing what you have to say. Please email me at with your feedback.

I must keep this short for now and get back to work. Thanks for dropping by!

Peace and blessings,