Queen Of Darkness

I am moving content to my blog from my other websites! Here is an old poem of mine:


by Mystikka Jade


The backdrop in your eyes is the night

In storms of anger and sorrow

A flicker of lightning ignites

An awareness of power

I peer in to see a mind always ticking

With new plans and approaches

Methods of operation

Various levels of manipulation

Who falls prey to what has always worked for you?

A caliber of folk who cannot see

The dark place where you create

In silence


A myriad of colors, textures, ideas, thoughts, feelings, beliefs

With a canvas of WAR PAINT

In the forbidden artistic studio that allows NO VISITORS

Caught up in the creation

Do you remember your origination?

Like the raven in your eyes that blends into the night sky where she cannot be seen...

With mysterious camouflage...

So, what occurs when the illusions fade and the images lose their sparkle?

What becomes of your creation

When it is invisible?

Do you remember what lies behind the lies?

Because I don't want to be on this side of the wall..

When I can see

Beyond it