Here are some of my thoughts on magick, transfered from a deleted page on my website.

Magick is a tricky subject because there are many ways to approach it. It is not as far out, mysterious or esoteric as many people assume.

The way I see it is, magick does not come from candles, incense, herbs, or even chickens feet or dead scorpions. Magick is Universal power that is tapped into and unlocked through the mind. Tools and rituals hold power only when we truly believe they can, as power perceived is power achieved.

A lot of people I have known who belong to certain sects of Wicca believe that magick must be done in very specific ways according to the rites and rituals that have been passed down through their valued traditions.

Most religions have some form of magick involved in them. I grew up Catholic, and the masses were full of ritual. Between the frankincense, working with the saints, doing communion and confession, my religion was about following the traditions laid out in front of me in order to obtain absolution or some other spiritual gift.

In Hindu based magick, a lot of practitioners work with certain Gods and Goddesses like Shiva, Kali, or Sekhmet to bring specified intentions to fruition. In most forms of Buddhism, people will offer fruit or sweets to the Buddha on their altar to open up the way for abundance in their lives.

The bottom line is, magick is energy. As long as your intentions are pure, and you are directing no harm to anyone, it is possible for you to use it to your benefit. It is important to work within the Universal laws. Some would say 'respect God's will,' or 'do not go against the higher order or plan,' it means the same thing. If you are fighting for something against the natural currents of the Universe it will backfire.

For me, I walk the path of the solitary practitioner. I have been involved with groups or covens in the past. My experience was that many people who are attracted to 'spell casting' are in it to gain personal, ego-based power. That is what is called, low magick, black magic and sometimes Gris Gris or gray magick.

To me, magick is a form of mystical prayer. I trust the Divine Order of the Universe, and understand that most of the time, the things that are ripped away from me are for my own good. I would not fight against this process with magick, no matter how painful it is to endure the changes, as I believe in letting go and letting God direct the Divine plan. Only He/She can see forward and backward in time through all existing angles. To assume that we know what's best for us, based on how we are feeling at the moment is to be tricked by the emotions into a denial of our human limitations.

Affirmations, meditations, focused manifestation and rituals designed to invoke healing, protection from the ego and lower entities, so we can more fully allow the Divine to manifest in our lives is what high magick is all about for me.