Truffle Sundae Metaphor

We humans project so many illusions onto our lives about the way things ‘should be’ or what we ‘should be’ doing. When we discover that things aren’t what they seem, what we once placed value on becomes less important after the lessons have been extracted from our experience.

The great thing about the death of a dream is that dreams can be recycled. The old ones become compost to fertilize the growth of new ones. It is important to keep moving, flowing and changing, realizing that stops along the way are not our destination.

Jobs, people, locations, hobbies, and opportunities that feel like the perfect fit for us may fit for a moment or a cycle in our lives, and then another shift occurs before we feel we were able to dive into the depths of the experience. It’s like taking one bite of a decadent truffle sundae and then being told,

‘That’s all you get for now. Maybe someday you’ll get another bite, and maybe you won’t.’

Some people will then spend exhausting amounts of energy trying to manifest another bite of that particular dessert, so much so that a trillion other opportunities to indulge in a variety of exotic, gourmet snacks pass by on the carts without so much as a nod of acknowledgment from us. In fact, the other snacks are probably much healthier for us than the sundae was anyhow. However, when we become so focused on the specific taste of that particular truffle sundae, no other opportunities seem the slightest bit appealing.

The interesting part of this whole idea for me is that the hypothetical sundae can actually become a muse. So, we may not get another bite of that particular sundae, but we can remember the taste and use it for inspiration in future recipes we create.

Remember, every job we leave gives us new skills, every person we separate from brings us new ideas or lessons, and every experience or adventure we have goes into our subconscious memory bank and can be drawn from when approaching new situations.