It seems like everyone I know is going through some sort of major transformation in their lives, now more so than what I have seen over the last few years.

I am most aware of my own changes. I feel like I’ve been throwing a bunch of seeds into the soil, all the while being unsure of the nature of the seeds. Do they grow gardenias or watermelons? I don’t know, but let’s toss ‘em around and see what happens, just for the hell of it.

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that some seeds have grown into really amazing flowers. Others have begun to sprout through the soil, only to die before they can reach the next level. Some spouts are thriving yet growing very slowly but steadily, not yet showing the destination of their form. Others are unresponsive, even with extra TLC and the best minerals, water and organic compost available on the market.

In my 'Truffle Sundae Metaphor' entry, I said something to the effect of, ‘dreams that have died can be recycled, just turn them into compost that can fertilize the growth of new dreams.’ I feel that the plants, flowers and vegetables that never came to be are still a part of the compost. There is purpose beneath the surface of our lives, deeper than what we see with the cognitive, judgmental categorizing mind.

If we were to take a teaspoon of the soil and run it through tests after our crops have failed, we would see that the mineral composition of that soil has changed. The new composition of the soil may be better suited toward future crops. The same concept applies to our lives. What looks like failure on the outside isn’t actually failure, but rather part of our adversity, refining, learning, growing and defining.