I haven't been very active here lately, because I have been super obsessed with writing and editing my ebook, and researching publishing, marketing and affiliate options for the project. I am about halfway finished with my ebook and I really am striving to bring it to completion before I move, yet I might be doing some of the finishing touches from the road if the whole process takes much longer.

I do have a more popular blog on myspace, some of the entries are the same as here, some are different.... in case you are interested

My friend Jessa told me about this movie, The Secret.

It was fantastic! I have been very inspired since I watched it. I didn't even realize how much energy I was putting into what I don' t want until I talked to Jessa about the film and then watched it for myself. I was focusing so much energy on what was making me unhappy, that I was creating more of the same misery without even realizing it. I made the shift to begin paying attention to what I do want instead, and some positive changes have already started coming about as a result.

Another interesting discovery I made recently was courtesy of my friend Cristin. I don't have cable television, so I had never had the pleasure of watching Criss Angel's show 'Mindfreak' before. When I was at a high speed connection earlier this week, I was able to see a bunch of his clips on You Tube and they blew me away. The levitation videos were my favorite. He is a truly amazing illusionist and a very unique and magical being.

Here is a link to one of Criss Angel's videos... 'Gross Coin Trick'

click here