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Hello! If you are interested in an empathic reading / psychic coaching session or hypnosis, perhaps we can work together. I do prefer when new clients introduce themselves via email and give me at least a general idea of how I can help them, so I can determine whether or not I am the right kind of advisor for their particular situation. 

If I believe I can connect with you, I will let you know and we can set up an appointment.

I'm an empathic intuitive and there is a lot I can see and feel, but I am not a mind-reader and your specific questions will be necessary if you are wanting specific answers during our session together.  So please have your specific questions ready when we talk and allow me a few minutes to connect with you and familiarize myself with your energy. Once I connect with you, the information will flow in at a faster rate.

To learn more about my readings and coaching sessions click here:

I do not provide readings, synopsis, coaching, advice, etc. over email.

Peace and love,