The MetaCreative Magazine website

The time has come for me to renew, or not to renew the MetaCreative Magazine domain, and I have chosen not to renew. Similarly, I let the official website for MetaCreative Radio go last year. Even though I found my work with 'MetaCreative' to be a fulfilling, adventurous run from 2006-2010, I have moved on to other projects.

Both new and long-time fans of MetaCreative Magazine can find all the published issues free on Scribd and all but one on Issuu  (the Winter '09 issue has been flagged and removed from general view on the Issuu website due to adult content; based on the fact that the title of one of the articles had the word 'fuck' in it). Issues of MetaCreative Magazine are on a number of sites, and can always be located through Google as a third option.

May this day find you blessed...