Bibi KALE Chips

As some of you may know, I have worked with Bibi McGill in the past, when I was hosting MetaCreative Radio and publishing MetaCreative Magazine. Not only is Bibi a soulful, creative, successful lead guitarist in mainstream music, she is a spiritually conscious, green-living, humble and kind person. I believe in her gifts and support her endeavors.

When Bibi set out to produce her own line of organic kale chips, I knew they would be top of the line, due to her passion for and aware experience of gourmet raw vegan cuisine. When I tried them, I was still pleasantly surprised at how great they are compared to other kale chips I have tried! Bibi's creativity, talent and love went into the kale chips, just as these qualities infuse her music.

Not only are Bibi KALE Chips raw and vegan, they are FULL of flavor. Her blend of spices makes these healthy treats unique and delicious.

Bibi KALE Chips are dehydrated, so they are crunchy, yet they retain more nutrients than cooked kale. Kale is extremely high in vitamins K, A, and C and contains many other nutrients.

You can buy Bibi KALE Chips online now, on the LivingEcho website.